Emergency Dentist Houston

Dr. David Hassid, his practice and his staff combine to bring you the very best emergency dentist Houston has to offer. Dr. Hassid was born in Houston and continues to carry over his passion for the city through the endeavors of his practice there. Assisted by an exemplary staff and office, Dr. Hassid not only provides quality dental work by day, but also emergency work by night, or any other time you may need it.

What exactly does it take to provide such consistent, high-level attributes? Being a top emergency dentist requires dependability and responsiveness to the dire circumstances that any one moment can call for. It also requires a passion and commitment to the people in the area served. In addition, the leading emergency dentistry provider will always have the current knowledge, tools, and abilities so that any dental emergency can be expertly tended to.

Hassid Dental is that exact, ideal, emergency dentist Houston area residents need. Patient reviews and other outcome info consistently rate Dr. Hassid and Hassid Dental as the top performers of emergency dentistry in Houston. This is certainly an immensely comforting fact for anyone involved with or experiencing a dental emergency.

Dr. Hassid is also a top-ranking, non-emergency dentist. Hassid Dental successfully handles many routine dental procedures daily. This, combined with the practice’s highly decorated emergency services, makes for an all-around outstanding choice among family dentists.

Dental Services Offered Include:

- Bridge work

- Cavities

- Fillings

- Braces

- Implants

- Dentures

- Crowns

- Whitening

- Veneers

- Root Canal Therapy

- Routine Exams

- Cleanings

- Intraoral and Extraoral Imaging

- Oral Cancer Services

- Hygienic Services

- All forms of emergency dental procedures

The very best, emergency dentist Houston has is Dr. Hassid and his practice. Day or night, emergency or non-emergency, Dr. Hassid and staff are there, providing quality, compassion, and today’s standard in modern dentistry. Houston area residents are fortunate in having such a proven practice, right in their own backyard. Give Dr. Hassid a call for your every dental need and see why he's the hands-down most chosen of any emergency dentist Houston has to offer.