Plans of action for replacing a missing tooth

When you are searching for dentists Houston Tx residents know that for in-depth knowledge in plans of actions for replacing teeth, Dr. David Hassid takes the time to implement the best for his patient’s situation. In most situations, when a tooth is removed, it is vital to replace that tooth. A space created by a missing tooth or teeth can have many consequences, such as bone loss, the shifting of teeth, an unbalanced bite and gum disease - all of which cause more problems down the road, as well. There are many ways to replace a tooth or many teeth, such as dental implants, a bridge, a flipper or a partial/complete denture.

There are dentists Houston Tx communities trust for sound dental action plans and Dr. Hassid is one of these dentist. Please contact Hassid Dental to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. David Hassid. We welcome patients from the Upper Kirby, West University, River Oaks areas and throughout Houston.