Support for gums, bones, and mouth

Houston pediatric dentist Dr. Hassid believes that the structures around our teeth are as important as the teeth themselves. The bone and gums serve as the foundation of our teeth and without a healthy foundation, the teeth are compromised. Some things that affect the structures around the teeth (and in many cases have a significant effect on the teeth themselves) are lack of flossing, lack of brushing, smoking, alcohol consumption, side effects of medications and various factors that suppress the immune system. Many times certain things that affect the structures around the teeth will also affect other tissue and components of our mouths, such as the inside of our cheeks, the roof of our mouths, and our tongues. If the gums and bones around the teeth become compromised or diseased, we can take action to get these structures healthy again. Procedures such as scaling and root planning, debridement and pocket reduction can be done in attempt to get disease under control.

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