When decay/damage is very deep

If you need a pediatric dentist in Houston who is sensitive to your child’s dental needs when decay or damage has occurred to their teeth, visit Hassid Dental. Many times, the destruction of a tooth goes beyond the crown of the tooth. Decay can penetrate pretty deeply sometimes, below the gums to the level of the bone or nerve. Decay isn't the only culprit of deeper damage, though; a break or fracture of a tooth can also go into the root system of the tooth. Whether or not the tooth can be saved at this stage depends on the extent of the destruction. There are times when the destruction is too great and the tooth must be removed/extracted. In certain circumstances, it may be a better option to extract a tooth and replace it rather than going through the procedures to save it, especially when the prognosis is not great, and the tooth will be removed in the long run anyway. However, if the destruction goes beyond the crown of the tooth but the tooth can still be saved, there are several different procedures that can be done, such as root canal therapy, crown lengthening, a buildup and a post and core.

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