General Dentistry

Did you know that good oral health can have a huge impact on your overall health?

Gum disease is associated with a variety of conditions such as heart disease and cancer. Bacteria and disease that occur in the mouth can easily spread to the rest of the body and for that reason, our philosophy at Hassid Dental involves the whole mouth. Ultimately, we're concerned with how oral health impacts the rest of the body. Taking care of your oral health can go a long way in ensuring overall well-being. The services we offer are first preventative in nature, making sure that we take the necessary steps to avoid more invasive treatment and keep you healthy over the long run.

While we offer a variety of services to help restore your natural dentition, regular preventive care is the foundation on which other treatments are based.

Houston’s Dr. David Hassid is an experienced general dentist who believes that regular at-home and in-office dental care is the key to lasting oral health.

Our general dentistry services include:

  • Dental cleanings and hygiene: During your hygiene visits, we remove damaging deposits from your teeth that can cause gum disease and infections.
  • Comprehensive dental exams: A dental exam involves checking each tooth for signs of decay or damage and inspecting your gums for possible gum disease as well as screening for oral cancer.
  • Periodontal care: Periodontal treatment is performed when symptoms of gum disease are present. Gum disease can cause even more serious problems if left to spread, so keeping it under control is one of our main objectives.
  • Children’s dentistry: It is very important to make sure children are developing properly and that they develop good oral hygiene habits early on to prevent future problems.

Please contact Hassid Dental to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. David Hassid. We welcome patients from the Upper Kirby, West University, River Oaks areas and throughout Houston.