Porcelain crowns FAQ

What's a dental crown?

A dental crown is a cap that restores a compromised or damaged tooth and looks just like a natural tooth. It works like a natural tooth so you can eat and speak without impairment. Crowns can be used to strengthen a tooth that has been cracked, broken or decayed. They can also be used as an anchor for a dental bridge and as a replacement for a missing tooth after the placement of a dental implant.

How is a dental crown made?

Following the shaping of the tooth, an impression is made so that a custom fitting crown can be fabricated. A temporary crown will be placed on the tooth until the permanent custom crown is made. All the different materials that are used to make a crown will be discussed so we can determine which will be best suited for you.

Is a dental crown unsightly or noticeable?

We make crowns according to our patients' desires. Most of the crowns we make resemble natural teeth and cannot be differentiated from a natural tooth. We will always discuss what we recommend for you, taking longevity, functionality and appearance into consideration.

How long will my dental crown last?

If you care for your crowns well with daily flossing and brushing, along with regular dental checkups and cleanings, your crowns can last a lifetime. However, the durability of your crowns depends on the rest of your oral health, your diet, and other lifestyle choices.

What's the best way to take care of dental crowns?

Practicing proper oral hygiene is the best place to start when caring for your crowns. Always prioritize brushing your teeth (and crowns) after every meal or at least twice a day, and floss around your teeth and crowns at least once daily. Also, schedule regular checkups and cleanings so we can monitor if your crowns need any repair or revisions.

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